Saturday, December 31, 2011


Its 12:32am its 2012 and im thinking of my fam. to my brothers and sisters from the crew may the new year bring you every thing u ask for as for me all i ask is to get busy and to more positive as ever . i know the last year i was a little disconnected from every one due to alot of shit in my life . 2011 wasnt to easy for me .economicly the year was wak i had to after 13 years of bussing my ass i had to sell my shop that i worked really hard for . it was like losing a child to me . i slaved over the shop for many years and even lived in it but due to the economy well it was either sink with the ship or jump the fuck off to the next ship. and as my right hand darq would say . " YOU CANT SWIM THE SHARKS ARE COMING" LOLOL due to dumb ass mother fuckers the navel base was closed and the town the shop is in decliend hard . well shit happeneds . im at underskin tattoos with my fellow brothers from BNA on7 and danny . they looked out for a brother and shit is way better. i will like to say sorry to every one for dissapearing for so long but it did some good .. well we had some members leave the crew because i wasnt putting them out there the way i should . well to answer them finally after so long well b . BNA is not a job , organization, its a family we look out for each other threw bad and good we talk to our fellow brothers , and we say "hope you feel better when your sick" on that one to my brother heckle from chitown get well b .heckle is one of our chitown familia we talkin about a dude that got me so much food and looked out for me while in chi like if we have known each other for ages. thanks my brother . whats up to my other chitown brother tese for always putting down the work . this dude is if you dont know him gave puerto rico the rebirth of graffiti in 1999 and one of chi's finest, my 2 pres's darq and port these dudes are my best of friends and they know everything that goes down with the crew be it info and history of it all. Port is now in texas but a original from pr. Tuna man tuna this is the man right there . this is my loyal ass friend . loyal for daysssssssss . LOYALTY BEFORE ROYALTY. I CAN TALK FOR DAYS about my dudes for real .lololol. isor where u at !! dir in ireland wat up b .and everyone else my bad i got you this year and ill write the part 2 to this monday hahah

att BLEN 167