Tuesday, January 26, 2010


DIEMS,originally from PuertoRico,,I don't consider myself a graffiti writer,It is
a complicated culture that I'm still trying to learn.I think you need to earn the
title throug your work first before calling yourself a writter.I do respect the
old school but only those who still got the right mentality for it,remember you
can be a 40 year old toy as well,for me a toy is not a rookie but those who got
their egos up in the sky.I started graff for the wrong reason I think,while
evrybody else was focusing on destroying shit I wanted to do my name with spraypaint
too but in a diferent way,I knew I had the drawing skills so I started writing WEz in
06 due the fact that my last name is Western.I had to change my name cuz there was
like 3 diff wes's in PR at the time plus everyone had a 3 letter name so they all
looked the same,so by 07 I switch to DIEMS,is the same year I entered the military
and DIEMS is an acronym for Date Entered Military Service. the main reason i paint
is because I enjoy doing it,not because the"getting up" mentality that lives among
us today

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