Monday, January 25, 2010


Saludos, Im Port 167th checkin in at this time im currently in Italy, i am originally from Puerto Rico. I have been down with BNA since about late 2005 i was put down by the Prez Blen 167, and was basically shown and taught how this whole graff game works by him and his older brother Buck TMA... I am a fan of the old school or in other words the true school... Im talking trains burners whole cars tags and the art or writing in its self i am way to young to have lived in the days when the trains were alive but i was brought up with a great foundation for writing and i have tremendous respect for those who came before me... Im currently working in Italy and as well embracing the european world of this graff game as i have traveled here i have seen that unlike in America there is no such things as beef here your space seems to be respected it has a feel of the days in which Blade used to talk about how no one had a reason to go over each other you were writing for the thrill of seeing your name... From time to time ill drop by and post info on my travels of europe and keep you posted on what the deal is with Port167th...
"you dont know where your going untill you know where u have been"

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